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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Europe trip August 2017: DAY 1

I am now writing from the airplane to Singapore. I am traveling alone. I applied the Nederland visa on the 1st of August and got it on the 14th of August. My travel insurance is from 15-28 August only. I directly search for tickets to Europe but very expensive. I wanna try multiple city but end up the same amount of money. I would like to see more place (was considering Maldives, Thailand, Turkey) but I can’t leave my son too long. So I prefer to go directly. Return ticket is started from 950 USD.  For 2-3 days I searched like maniac, only to see all the prices went up. Then I thought, if I am accepted to the higher step of the scholarship (announcement on the 22nd of August), then I must go home before 12 of September. If I don’t, I can go home up to 27th of September (expiry of my schengen visa). But it means, I will be away for almost a month. I think I will just come home around 7-8 of September. Which is exactly 20 days (3 weeks) still a long time. 

Since everything was sudden, I have not prepared much for the trip. I guess I’ll go by day trip and see where I’ll go. 

Ticket prices:
LLG-CGK= 535.000 
CGK-SIN= 400.000 
SIN-ATH= 4.000.000 
Hamburg-Brussels=55.000 (yes, it’s right. I hope I can do it) 

total so far: 6.000.000. I should buy cheap ticket to go back home. Maybe around 4.000.000 until home. Seems like impossible, but hoping for cheaper price on September.

Gojek: 100.000

19 August:

Early morning I went to Lubuklinggau airport. I just take 1 bag and cabin bag with me. It is more than 7kg maybe but I can’t remove anything anymore. I’ll buy another bag when I reached Europe. 
My passport was still at my friend’s office, I ordered a motorbike driver from a App to send it to the airport. 9am I was in Jakarta, and my flight will be at 2pm. I’ve got 5 hours transit. I met with 2 first timers girls and spent time chit chating. I got the passport and went in to print boarding pass and flying. Got delay for 40 minutes and on the air for 10 minutes (busy airport).

I reached the home I am going to sleep in, it’s not that far but I was toooo tired. I didn’t eat proper food for lunch and dinner. After 4 times changing MRT and LRT, I reached. I can’t take money from ATM nor I can buy ticket with card so I must buy S$20 tourist pass for 3 days with S$10 deposit. But today my trip was only S$1.8. 

I finally can eat, shower and rest. OMG Alhamdullilah. 
I will post video on Singapore inshallah.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Antalya Vlog Day 15: Last Day! Bosphorus Tour

Hari terakhir di Turki, enaknya ngapain ya di Istanbul, bingung! Akhirnya ada waktu 1 jam untuk tour ferry menyusuri Bosphorus. Kali ini indah banget karena warnanya biru.. dulu pernah juga tapi warna air dan langitnya abu2. Sangat cantik sekali perumahan dan istana-istana yang berada dipinggir selat Bosphorus ini! Klik ini untuk nonton yaa

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Antalya Vlog Day 6

Airbnb code:

To Konyaalti, bank al barakah and Goc Idaresi Mudurlugu office for the resident permit info then we go to M5 Migros

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Antalya Vlog Day 5: To the peak of Mount Olympos!!!

Mount Olympos in Kemer. We moved from hotel to airbnb, so in the transition day, we better go to a place far then come back for late check in. We should enjoy our last stay in the hotel, but really time is not enough for that. So we went to Kemer from Marina and paid 15TL/person/way. 9am and arrived at Kemer at 10am. We rented a electric trybike :D $10/hour, three wheels bike and then went to the peak of the Mt. Olympos from Ginza travel. It offers the pick up from hotel and drop off for $45. Amazing up there. It's hard to go by public transport, better with travel agency and comfortable ride. I saw a couple who refused to pay 10 TL to go up. They did not know how far (10 or 15 minutes by the car after we left them). We reached back to the hotel at 8pm and picked up by the host, and paid him our last 15TL. Great day.