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The love will always be there.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Antalya Vlog Day 1: Antalya surprised us!

We reached Yanbu Airport exactly 90 minutes before the flight or 4am, our flight was at 5.30am, there was a long queue. Done check in after 30 minutes but the security didn't let me because I have one big backpack and a luggage. The Turkish officer helped us. They said it was delayed 25 minutes but was on time. Watched Lion, cried some year and then laugh from "Sing". Our connecting flight to Antalya is at 11.15am. We arrived on time at 8.55am. There was a chaotic queue in the passport control and we were afraid. Trying fast track but that was for business class. Despite of long chaos queue, we got in at 9.30am. We got 1 hour and 45 minutes! We could have taken our big bag! Then we got some money from atm machine and bought dim card. Now, this is very important, I read a blog that Turkcell is the cheapest option but we found out that Turk Telecom is much better!
The Turkcell Tariff:
Internet only: 1gb for 105tl 5gb for 125tl 8gb for 145tl
15gb for 185tl.
But we took a calling package: 500 calling minutes with 6Gb for 110tl with 1 hour activation.
Turk telecom 1 off tariff:
500 calling minutes, 8gb , 5 minutes activation for only 100tl.
By 10am we are in front of the gate. That means we had 75minutes for boarding. We arrived safely at Antalya airport at 11.35am. Finally got on a tram to the city for only 4.2liras for 2 people! But better buy the card and refill the card as we bought 1 time off ticket which 80 cent was no change given. We found out the hotel was in the main attraction with amazing view!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Madinah Trip

My madinah trip. Finally can make a vlog about it. I have some time lapses here.. check it out!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Yanbu Airshow 2017

The best thing ever!!

Please watch it, thank you

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Flower Festival Yanbu 2017

Ini adalah event tahunan yang diadakan di Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. Kalian ga akan nyangka kalau di Saudi Arabia juga bisa penuh bunga. Tidak hanya disini, di Taif juga ada Festival dan khusus bunga mawar! Sayang saya belum sempat kesana. Tapi nikmati aja dulu yang di Yanbu yaa..

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